Stained Glass Window – ‘In the Wings of the Morning’ (Psalm 139)

On 7th March 1982 the stunning window on the north side of the church was dedicated. The plaque reads, “This window was presented by Sarah (Cis) Evans and Margaret Blackwell to beautify this sanctuary in memory of their parents.” Local man Graham Stewart of Stewart Stained Glass Ltd. designed and made the window to replace one donated earlier by Sarah Evans. The first one had been created using a new process of painting on glass which sadly started peeling and fading after some thirty years and so a replacement was organised by the Blackwell and Evans families.  


The new window is made of the more traditional coloured glass pieces and interconnecting leadlight, but the design is of the twentieth century. David and Jean Blackwell had just returned from a trip overseas and had been very impressed with the stained glass windows in Coventry Cathedral and so suggested to Graham Stewart he use this style. Thus the window is filled with clear, bright colours with an almost abstract design of darker colours in the right of the sky, gradually lightening as they move left until they meet the dove of peace in the top left-hand corner. Watching all this from below is a figure representing humankind who stands firmly on a rock in the midst of the raging sea. The words ‘In the wings of the morning’ are at the very bottom.  


Psalm 139 was a favourite of Margaret Blackwell’s whose bequest helped fund the window. It speaks of being sure of God’s care and love regardless of what circumstances a person finds her/himself in. The window illustrates this beautifully. Margaret herself had many occasions in her life to hold to this message. I imagine none more so than when she found herself in the middle of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s. It may well have also sustained her when she was asked to escort refugee children from there to Britain.